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How do I install the Pfingo app? 
You can download the Pfingo app through the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) on your mobile phone. Do note that the Pfingo app is ONLY available on the Singaporean stores.
Click the links below to download the app through your mobile phone.

App Storegoogle-play-badge (1)


How do I verify my number on Pfingo?
You will be sent a free OTP (One Time PIN) to your Singaporean number via SMS. Key the six-digit OTP into Pfingo to verify your number and you are done! Do note that the OTP can only be received on a Singaporean mobile number and will be valid for 60 seconds so be quick!

The verification process might fail:

  • If you are not using a Singaporean mobile number.
  • If you are on a prepaid mobile plan and do not have enough phone credit to receive the SMS. The SMS is free, but your carrier will not let you make the call if you have no credits.
  • You do not have Internet connectivity. Pfingo needs to be connect to the internet to register, download rates, etc. You will be unable to sign up if you are not connected to the Internet.

If the issue still persists, please contact our customer support HERE.

How do I add contacts to Pfingo?
Pfingo displays all your contacts from your default phonebook in the app. To add a contact to Pfingo, simply save the contact in your phonebook and open your Pfingo app. Your contact will automatically be synced. You can also use the dialpad to call numbers that may not be present within your phonebook.

How do I make a call with Pfingo?
To make a Pfingo call:

Step 1: Tap on the contact name you wish to call from the contacts screen. To call contacts that are not saved in your phonebook, use the dialpad in the app to manually dial the number you wish to call.

Step 2: Choose between the Call Thru, Call Back or Call Out functions and Pfingo will do the rest to get you connected.

How does a Pfingo call work?
Pfingo has three call functions – Call Thru, Call Back and Call Out.

Call Thru:
Pfingo converts an international call into a local cellular voice call. This means that the receiver will still receive the call as a normal voice call and both parties will be able to communicate without an active internet connection.
Local cost and a connection fee will be charged. Do note that this function will require usage of your outgoing local minutes.

Call Back:
When you choose the Call Back function, our servers will give you a call and connect you with the number you have dialed once you pick up. As this will be an incoming call for both you and the receiver, neither party will have to spend any local outgoing minutes!
After the call has been linked up, neither you nor the person you are calling requires an internet connection.
With a fix cost for each country, no need to worry about the local cost anymore.

Call Out:
A call is made through the app over WiFi/3G/4G connection to any number worldwide (landline or mobile). The person you are calling receives it as a normal voice call and is not required to have Internet connection or the Pfingo app. Only a connection fee will be charged. Do note that this function will require data usage.


Is there any difference between a Pfingo call and a regular international call I dial through my carrier?
Pfingo calls are cheaper with better voice quality for international calls.

What if I have not received the Pfingo Call Back in 30 seconds?
You can (1) make call using the Call Thru function or (2) try using the Call Back function again. If the problem still persists, please contact us HERE.

What if I called a destination but my call did not go through?
Just like a regular phone call, your calls with Pfingo may fail due to many reasons. In such cases, please ensure that:

1. You’re calling from the same number you registered with Pfingo.

2. The receiver’s number is operational.

3. The receiver’s phone is not switched off, out of order or outside the area of coverage.

If you are still unable to connect, please contact us HERE.

Can I call any country in the world?
Of course you can! Pfingo allows you to call anyone anywhere in the world.

Do my friends and family need to have an Internet connection or the Pfingo app to receive my Pfingo call?
No. With Pfingo, you can call any mobile or landline number in the world. Your friends and family do not need the Pfingo app or an Internet connection to receive your calls.

If you want to transfer some call credits to your loved ones, however, you both need the Pfingo application.

Are there any additional charges when making calls with Pfingo?
Here are the following connection charges:

  • Call Out: $0.20 per call
  • Call Thru: $0.20 per call

Are there different charges for mobile and fixed phone number?
Depending on the country you are calling to, the rates for mobile and fixed phone numbers may vary.

How do I top up my call credits?
It is easy to purchase call credits on Pfingo.

For iOS users, you can top up with:

  • in-app purchases

For Android users, top up with:

  • Paypal
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • your Pfingo Calling Card


How do I send call credits?
Head to your profile page and click on the “Transfer Call Credits” button. Select the contact you would like to send call credits to and key in the amount. Once you have confirmed the transaction, the call credits will be sent immediately.


How much can I send at one time?
The minimum amount of call credits you can send per transaction is $3.00. You will only be able to send call credits a maximum of 5 times a week.

Can I cancel my transaction?
Once the transaction has been confirmed, it cannot be cancelled.

Do I need WiFi/3G/4G to use Pfingo?
WiFi, 3G or 4G networks is required for downloading and registering with Pfingo and making a call using the Call Out function.

For the Call Back and Call Thru functions, internet access is not required.

Which phones support Pfingo?
Pfingo is supported on Android and iOS phones.

In which countries can I access Pfingo?
The Call Out function can be made worldwide as long as you have a stable Internet connection!

The Call Thru and Call Back functions are made using a Singapore Pfingo number and calls should only be made originating from Singapore using a local Singapore number.

Do note however that you need a Singaporean mobile number to register to the service in the first place!