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Get global calls at local rates with pfingo!

pfingo saves you the hassle by only requiring one calling party to have the app installed. Using pfingo, you can reach anyone with a call– even those without access to WiFi,  the pfingo app or landlines!

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  • Enter your mobile number with the correct country code
  • Wait for us to send you a One Time Password (OTP) via SMS
  • Enter the OTP on the app and you are done and ready to call!

With pfingo, we have made it easy for you to purchase call credits! Top up your credit balance with the following options:

  • pfingo Calling Card
    • Scratch off the silver foil to get your 16 digit card number
    • Enter your 16 digit card number into the pfingo app
  • Android – Payment via Paypal
  • Apple – In-App Payment via App Store

Call Back
When you choose the Call Back function, our servers will give you a call and connect you with the number you have dialed once you pick up. As this will be an incoming call for both you and the receiver, neither party will have to spend any local outgoing minutes!

After the call has been linked up, neither you nor the person you are calling requires an internet connection.

Call Thru
Using the Call Thru function, pfingo converts an international call into a local cellular voice call. This means that the receiver will still receive the call as a normal voice call and both parties will be able to communicate without an active internet connection.

Do note that this function will require usage of your outgoing local minutes.

Call Out
Make a call to any number (mobile or landline) worldwide avoiding the local cost! All you will need is your pfingo app and a stable Internet connection.

Do note that this function will require data usage and your mobile carrier’s rates may apply.